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Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD )

40 million Pakistani adults have CKD and millions of others are at increased risk. One in 3 either have CKD or at risk of CKD. Early detection can help prevent the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure. Don’t Delay & Get Checked Today!

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kidney Patients and transplant recipients are at higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19. Learn how to defend yourself and reduce your risk of exposure to the virus

Dr Shafiq Cheema

is Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine and Nephrology as well as Fellow of American College of Physicians and American Society of Nephrology.
He is fellowship trained Transplant Nephtologist who is also certified Hypertension specialist by ASH ( USA)
Dr Cheema is the most distinguished graduate of KEMU and has been awarded America’s Top physician and Worlds Leading Physician awards.
He is former Medical Director – Fresenius Medical Care , North America , president Hope Kidney Clinic, Chief of Medicine LMC Texas and Consultant Nephrologist Doctors Hospital Texas USA.

Conditions we Treat

We specialized in following conditions so you may consult Professor Shafiq Cheema for any of the following conditions or symptoms.

🛑  AKI or acute kidney injury
🛑  CKD or chronic kidney disease
🛑  Hematuria
🛑  Proteinuria
🛑  Blood in urine
🛑  Protein in urine
🛑  High Blood Pressure

🛑  Hemodialysis
🛑  Kidney Transplantation
🛑  Electrolyte Imbalances
🛑  Acid Base Imbalances
🛑  Hypertension
🛑  Kidney stones
🛑  Nephrolithiasis

🛑 Diabetes
🛑 High cholesterol
🛑 Ankle edema
🛑 Foam in urine
🛑 Urinary Incontinence
🛑 Kidney Diet

Why Consult Us ?

We offer highest quality, personalized, specialized care that is cost effective and evidence based.

Kidney Transplant

Our goal is to provide optimal, individualized treatment for each patient. We specialize in all aspects of kidney disorders and manage patients before and after kidney transplantation.


Our state of the art dialysis facility and dedicated technicians make sure you get the right amount of dialysis. The quality of dialysis servicing is the top most priority for us, patients care always comes first for us.

General Nephrology

As kidney function declines, and as complications and abnormalities increase, it is likely that the contribution of Kidney Specialist will be needed for optimal care.

Kidney Stone Clinic

Part of preventing stones is finding out why you get them. After finding out why you get stones, we will give you tips to help stop them from coming back. Some of the tests will be conducted on the instructions in order to take a step towards stone removal treatment options.

NephChat with Dr Shafiq Cheema

Official YouTube Channel Dr Shafiq Cheema – MD FACP FASN DABIM DABN ( USA).
Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine and Nephrology as well as Fellow of American College of Physicians and American Society of Nephrology. Currently appointed as Professor of Nephrology at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore Pakistan.

Fasting in Ramadan with High Blood Pressure

Muslims all over the world fast in the Holy month of Ramadan. Many people who suffer from diabetes and Hypertension can not fast because of their health condition.

Causes and Treatment of Leg Swelling or Edema|

Lower extremity edema or swelling could be a symptom of underlying severe diseases like CKD, glomerulonephritis, cirrhosis of liver and congestive heart failure

3 Kidney Damaging Diets

These three types of Diets may damage your kidneys !
✔️High protein diets like Atkins with 30 % protein and 65% fat ,
keto and other low carb diets which are high in protein and any high protein diet. Following are

PK Facts and misconceptions about Kidney Transplantation

In Pakistan only living related kidney transplant is being done. It is the best treatment once someone develop ESRD.

Uric Acid and Kidney Diseases

Hyperurecemia had several effects on joints and kidneys. It can cause stones and kidney disease and Uric acid level can go up in patients with CKD.

Control Your Blood Pressure without Drugs

High blood pressure is very common and almost one in 2 or 3 people in Pakistan have hypertension. If not controlled well, it can cause many problems like heart attacks

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What Our Patient Says About Us

We love to hear what our patients have to say about us! some of our patients thoughts are listed below. Please feel free to share your thoughts about us.

My experience with Dr Shafiq Cheema is amazing. I have been to many doctors across the city but he is best nephrologist so far. Rather the imposing he discusses the diagnose and verifies everything through labs and reports.
Hassan N
Happy Patient
Very friendly and cooperative Alhamdolillah. Not money oriented like other doctors. Satisfied. Highly recommended 👍
Asad S
Happy Patient
A a very close friend of mine ran into some kidney issues. Dr.Shafiq Cheema treatment helped him get back to his usual self in a very short time Alhamdulilah. If you are looking for an experienced Nephrologist in Lahore, he is your man.
Mamoon S
Happy Patient
One of best doctors. I visited him for my father kidney disease. His diagnose was correct. He guided me well. Thank you
Bilal N
Happy Patient

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